Ushuluddin Hold a Socialization of Ethics and Motivation

Ushuluddin Hold a Socialization of Ethics and Motivation

Audtorium Harun Nasution, UIN News Online—Faculty of Ushuluddin holding a socialization of ethics code and study motivation to the new student academic year 2015/2016, this event is aimed to the implementation of learning-teaching process which is transparent, responsive, and accountable, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, Monday (31/08).

This event was opened by the Dean of Faculty of Ushuluddin, Prof. Masri Mansoer MA, in his speech, he hoped the ethics code of UIN Jakarta could be a guide line in daily life, especially for students of Ushuluddin, because this ethics code which governs the attitudes and actions of the students in campus.

"I look forward to all students Ushuluddin, either new orexisting student, forserious, focused and persistent in studying atthe Faculty of Ushuluddin, because Ushuluddin is the foundation of Islamic science," said Masri.

Present as speakers including Dr.M. Suryadinata, MA, said that on this occasion he describes the ethics code of the students of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, the rules contained in the ethics coderelated to our behavior when we are on campus, ranging from how to dress, ethicsin writing (prohibition to plagiarism) and others, said Vice Dean for Student Affairs of FU.

The event was followed by 445 students and 50 student representatives of DEMA, presents also the Director of Kahfi and famous motivator, Dr.TubagusWahyudi,M.Sc.,delivering about tips on how students can graduate on timeand be successful in life.

Also present at the event was Dr.Bustamin,M.Si (Vice Dean for General Administration), Prof.Dr.Ikhsan Tanggok, M.Si (Vice Dean for Academic Affairs), Dr.A.Ridho, Dr.Lili Umi Kaltsum, M.A and Dra.Faojah Morodi MA. (AB/LRF)