UIN Jakarta-Kolej Universiti Islam Malaka Signed MoU

UIN Jakarta-Kolej Universiti Islam Malaka Signed MoU

FU Building, UIN News Online—Taking place in Meeting Room, 4th floor, Faculty of Ushuluddin (FU) UIN Jakarta, Monday (26/10) the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was done between UIN Jakarta and Kolej Universiti Islam Malaka (KUIM). Along with this MoU, there will be an establishment of cooperation in the field of research, teaching, and exchanges of professors, lecturers, as well as students.

The rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof Dr Dede Rosyada, MA himelf was in-charge of the signing. Meanwhile, the party from KUIM Malayia was represented by Naib Canselor Prof Dr Haji Mohd Taib bin Dora.

The rector expressed his appreciation to the cooperation scheme which aims on enhancing the quality of both universities which come from nations that shares the same racial similarities. He also explicitly explained that the form of cooperation offered by UIN Jakarta are Research Collaborative, Student Exchange, and Visiting Professor, among others.

“With this cooperation, both institutions can reap the benefits and can share experiences, mainly in preparing both countries to ultimately face ASEAN Economic Community (AEC),” he said.

The signing was witnessed by Vice Rector for Cooperation, Prof Dr Murodi, MA, Dean of FU Prof Dr Masri Mansoer, MA, Prof Dr Iksan Tanggok, Dr Bustamin, M.So, and Dr. M. Suryadina at the UIN Jakarta’s side, and Prof Madya Dr Mohd Fadzil Mohd Idris (Timbalan Naib Conselor Akademik, Penyelidikan dan Inovasi), Dr Mohamad Nazli bin Omar (Dekan Institut Pengajian Siswazah), Ustaz Mohd Azam bin Yahya (Dekan Akademi Pengajian Islam), En Shariffudin bin Amir Hashim (Dekan Fakulti Pengurusan Hospital), Enak Mohd Shafiq Mohd Maidin (Pegawai Perhubungan Awam/Pegawai Khas) and Encik Muhammad Azenidin Mustofa (Unit Korporat dan Promosi) at the KUIM’s side.

Meanwhile, Naib Canselor KUIM Prof Dr Haji Mohd Taib bin Dora thanked UIN Jakarta for welcoming the delegation from KUIM Malaysia and for establishing cooperation which will bring benefits for KUIM.

 “We are very thankful towards UIN Jakarta, especially Faculty of Ushuluddin, that has welcomed us warmly, we hope that this cooperation can give a positive contribution to both KUIM and UIN Jakarta,” he said.

After the signing, an interactive dialogue and sharing session about the faculties of both universities took place. The dialogue and session also involved the issues of activities to be taken under the scheme of cooperation which symbolized by the signing.

Prof Dr Masri Mansoer MA explained that FU will follow up this cooperation and will visit the neighbor country to sign MoU with KUIM’s Fakultas Akademi Pengkajian Islam, mainly in the field of research and exchange of both lecturers and students, he said. (AB/LRF)

 Translated by: Muhammad Ichsan Fadillah