UIN Jakarta Appoints Seven Professors of Social Sciences and Humanities

UIN Jakarta Appoints Seven Professors of Social Sciences and Humanities

Auditorium Utama, UIN Online News— Seven professors in the field of social sciences and humanities out of a total of 42 full professors were officially inaugurated on Wednesday morning (29/11/2023). In connection with this, Prof. Asep Saepudin Jahar M.A., Ph.D., the Rector, urged the professors to remain committed to education and teaching, research, and community service.

The inauguration took place in the Harun Nasution Auditorium and was opened by the Chairman of the Senate, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA, in the Open Senate Session for the Inauguration of Full Professors at UIN Jakarta. In addition to delivering academic speeches, the senate session included the reading of the Minister of Religious Affairs and Minister of Education and Culture's Decrees regarding the appointment of each full professor.

Meanwhile, the seven newly appointed professors are experts in the field of social sciences and humanities. They are Prof. Dr. Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim M.A. (Islamic History and Culture), Prof. Dr. H. Nurochim M.M. (Educational Management), Prof. Dr. Imam Subchi M.A. (Anthropology of Religion).

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. H. Muhammad Farkhan M.Pd (Applied Linguistics), Prof. Dr. Frans Sayogie M.Pd (Applied Linguistics), Prof. Dr. Alek M.Pd. (English Education), and Prof. Dr. Burhanuddin Muhtadi M.A., Ph.D. (Political Science). Each of them hails from the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, Faculty of Adab and Humanities, and Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Science.

During their respective inaugurations, Prof. Sudarnoto delivered an academic speech titled "Krisis Global: Kajian Sejarah dan Karakteristik Islamofobia (Global Crisis: A Study of the History and Characteristics of Islamophobia)," Prof. Frans presented a speech titled " Identifikasi Manipulasi Linguistik (Linguistic Manipulation) pada Teks: Suatu Pendekatan Linguistik Forensik (Identification of Linguistic Manipulation in Text: A Forensic Linguistics Approach)," and Prof. Imam gave a speech titled " Antropologi al-Quran: Suatu Perbincangan Menuju Reaktualisasi Korpus Terhadap Perkembangan Ilmu Pengetahuan (Anthropology of the Quran: A Discussion Towards the Reactualization of Corpus in the Development of Science)."

Subsequently, Prof. Farkhan delivered a speech titled " Pengajaran Bahasa Asing di Era Disrupsi: Tantangan dan Prospek (Teaching Foreign Languages in the Disruption Era: Challenges and Prospects)," and Prof. Burhanuddin presented a speech titled "Votes for Sale: Kilentelisme, Defisit Demokrasi dan Institusi (Votes for Sale: Clientelism, Democracy Deficit, and Institutions)." Following them, Prof. Alek and Prof. Nurochim each delivered academic speeches titled "Foreign Language Literacy in the Digital Age: Promises or Challenges?" and "Peningkatan Mutu Lulusan di Era Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (Improving Graduates' Quality in the Era of Independent Learning, Free Campus)." All speeches can be accessed on UIN Jakarta's official YouTube page www.youtube.com/@uinjktofficial.

In his address, Rector Asep Jahar revealed that appointing dozens of full professors is both a source of happiness and a commitment for UIN Jakarta to become a center of knowledge and Islam in Indonesia. He stated that the increase in full professors is part of the development imperative for UIN Jakarta as a leading institution in the modern development of Islam, as initiated by the late Professor Harun Nasution until today.

Asep Jahar mentioned that UIN Jakarta will continue to strive to maintain the harmony of Islam within the context of Indonesian identity and Islam. "May UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta remain the leading Islamic University in the development of moderate religion and modern Islam," he said.

Furthermore, Rector Asep Jahar called on the full professors to fully commit to educational and teaching activities, research, and community service. Specifically, he also hoped for the support of government institutions, the public, and prominent figures to always encourage and collaborate with UIN Jakarta.

"Thus, UIN Jakarta remains consistent and committed to the development of Islam, Science, and the Integration of Science in the context of Indonesian identity," he added.

It is known that UIN Jakarta has scheduled the inauguration of 42 new Full Professors in various fields of expertise from late November to December 2023. The inauguration of the 42 new Full Professors is scheduled to take place over four weeks, starting on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, with the inauguration of 7 Full Professors in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities. In the second week, on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 10 new Full Professors in the field of Sciences will be inaugurated.

Next, 10 Full Professors in the field of Religious Studies will be inaugurated in the third week, on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. Finally, in the fourth week, on Friday, December 22, 2023, coinciding with Mother's Day, 15 Female Full Professors in various fields of expertise will conclude the week of inaugurating full professors. (Linda/Farah NH/ZM)