Two Sammarkand Universities Ready to Become Partners of UIN Jakarta

Two Sammarkand Universities Ready to Become Partners of UIN Jakarta

Uzbekistan, UIN News Online- UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta's cooperation initiation team successfully pocketed academic cooperation commitments from two Sammarkand universities, Sammarkand State University and Sammarkand Medical University. Their commitment adds to the number of Uzbek universities and scientific institutions that are ready to partner or strengthen the cooperation that has been agreed upon.

This is the report of UIN Jakarta Visit Team to Uzbekistan received by UIN News Online, Monday (27/11/2023). The delegation was led directly by the Head of LP2M International Cooperation Service Center Prof. Maila Dinia Husni Rahiem MA Ph.D.

Also in the team were Head of Center for Community Service Ade Rina Farida M.Si, Head of AUK Bureau Drs. H. Juanda Naim, M.H., Head of Financial Planning Bureau H. Mohamad Ali Irfan, S.E., M.M., M.Ak, and Head of AAKK Bureau Priyono M.Pd.

Previously, UIN Jakarta's cooperation initiation group conducted cooperation visits to various academic institutions in Tashkent. Several universities and institutions such as the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Medical Academy, National University of Uzbekistan, National Library of Uzbekistan, and the Indonesian Embassy to Uzbekistan are ready to build or strengthen the agreed cooperation.

While visiting Samarkand, UIN Jakarta cooperation team made a cooperation visit to Sammarkand State University and Sammarkand Medical University.  Both universities are listed as two leading universities in the Central Asian region.

The visit to Sammarkand State University itself was received directly by the Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Prof. Akhatov Akmal Rustamovich accompanied by the head of the university's International Office. "The university immediately expressed its desire to cooperate with UIN Jakarta," said Maila.

Vice Rector Akhatov revealed that the scientific field that is the focus and strength of his university is the field of pure sciences such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The campus has a state-of-the-art quantum physics lab. For this reason, the university invites UIN Jakarta lecturers to conduct research collaboration.

Vice Rector Akhatov, who is also a Professor of Informatics Engineering, hopes to conduct joint scientific conferences or exchange conference speakers with UIN Jakarta. To that end, he expressed interest in being involved in science and technology conferences such as the Conference on Cyber & IT Service Management (CITSM) of UIN Jakarta's Faculty of Science and Technology.

In addition to pure scientific fields, Sammarkand State University also expressed its openness to joint research cooperation on the history of Sammarkand culture, even Sammarkand-Indonesia historical relations. "The campus also expressed a desire for student exchange cooperation to study for one to six months in Sammarkand," Maila explained.

In addition to Sammarkand State University, the visit of UIN Jakarta cooperation initiation team targeted cooperation with Sammarkand Medical University. The visit to this university was received directly by the Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Prof. Aminov Zafar Zayirovich.

Sammarkand Medical University itself is recorded as a place of study for 12 thousand students. As the name implies, this university emphasizes scientific focus in the field of health and medicine. They recently started developing a traditional medicine program, exploring the teachings of Ibn Sina.

"We (UIN Jakarta team, ed.) conveyed that several UIN Jakarta lecturers conducted similar research. They invited our lecturers to conduct a visiting fellow program on campus and conduct joint research on various topics of modern and traditional medicine," he explained.

Furthermore, Sammarkand Medical University invites UIN Jakarta medical and health students to participate in the world medical olympiad. Nearby, this annual competition will be held on December 15, 2023.

Responding to his own invitation for cooperation, Prof. Aminov welcomed the invitation for academic cooperation with UIN Jakarta. He immediately read the draft MoU presented by UIN Jakarta and requested the signing of the MoU as a foothold for mutual cooperation and impact for both institutions. The signing of the MoU is planned to be done virtually in early December. (Maila Dinia Husni Rahiem/FNH/ZM)