The Number of SCOPUS Indexed Publication is Expected to Increase

The Number of SCOPUS Indexed Publication is Expected to Increase

Rectorate, UIN News Online – The number of SCOPUS indexed publication at UIN Jakarta is expected to increase. This is in line with the realization of the 2022 research grant for writing journal articles.

This was said by the Head of Puslitpen UIN Jakarta Imam Subchi in his speech at the 2023 Research Assistance Socialization event on Friday, (11/11/2022).

“Hopefully by the end of this year 200 articles will be indexed by SCOPUS,” he hoped.

Referring to Puslitpen data, the number of SCOPUS indexed documents written by the academic community during the three quarters of 2022 reached 152 articles. However, this number could increase following the research grants given this year to 262 research titles consisting of 152 BOPTN grant titles and 109 BLU grant titles.

On the same occasion, Research coordinator of Puslitpen UIN Jakarta Maila Dinia Husni Rahim, said that the number of articles indexed by SCOPUS continues to increase.

“The SCOPUS UIN Jakarta document also increased from 2016-2021. In 2021, the number of SCOPUS indexed articles written by the UIN Jakarta academic community reached 251. A significant increase from 168 articles in 2020 and 173 articles in 2019.” she said.

For 2022, she explained, the number of SCOPUS indexed articles only reached 152 articles but is projected to increase by the end of this year.

“What makes us proud, is that the number of SCOPUS academic documents at UIN Jakarta is dominated by journal articles. The percentage reaches 52.2 percent of the total 1,271 SCOPUS indexed academic documents,” said Maila.

The percentage is then followed by conference papers such as proceedings 40.6 percent, review 3.5 percent, Book Chapter 2.4 percent. and others. “Other PTKINs are still in proceedings, but UIN Jakarta is still in balance between journal articles and proceedings,” she added.

In addition, the SCOPUS indexed publications by the academic community of UIN Jakarta are also evenly distributed in various scientific areas. For example, 16.7 percent of publications in the area of Social Sciences , 15.6 percent in Computer Sciences, 9.9 percent  in the Arts and Humanities, and others. (zm/usa)