The 126th Graduation Ceremony Rehearsal Held at the Main Auditorium

The 126th Graduation Ceremony Rehearsal Held at the Main Auditorium

Main Auditorium, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta held a rehearsal for the 126th graduation ceremony, Wednesday (11/23/2022) at the Harun Nasution Main Auditorium, Campus I UIN Jakarta.

The rehearsal was attended by approximately 1,000 participants. They took part in a simulation led by Academic Administration and Cooperation (AAKK) Bureau Head Priyono, accompanied by the Head of Academic Affairs of UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani.

According to Priyono, the rehearsal is held to provide guidance and simulation for the graduate candidates. “The ceremony is divided into Froday and Saturday sessions in order to maintain the ceremonial quality and to provide excellent service for the graduates and their families,” said Priyono.

Apart from participating in the simulation, the participants were also given information about the tracer study program from the UIN Jakarta Career Center which was delivered directly by the Head of the Career Center Salamah Agung.

In her presentation, Salamah said that one of the main tasks of the career center is to conduct tracer study. The data requested in the tracking consists of the waiting period for getting a job for the first time after becoming alumni and the amount of income they get.

According to Salamah, tracer study is one of the main components in the study program and institutional accreditation system.

“Therefore, the alumni data contained in the tracer study greatly contributes to the re-accreditation of universities and study programs in the future,” she said.

As is known, the 126th graduation ceremony will be held on 25-26 November 2022. For the first time, the graduation ceremony will be held offline after several times being held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the first day, 633 people from six faculties and the Graduate School will participate in the graduation ceremony. In detail, there are 104 participants from the Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Psychology (136 participants), Faculty of Science and Technology (224 participants), Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (31 participants), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (78 participants), Faculty of Medicine (17 participants), and Graduate School (SPs) (43 participants).

On the second day, 1,167 participants from six faculties attended the graduation ceremony, namely the Faculty of Adab and Humanities (212 participants), the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (237 participants), the Faculty of Sharia and Law (188 participants), the Faculty of Da'wah and Communication Science (180 participants), Faculty of Health Sciences (161 participants), and Faculty of Ushuluddin (189 participants). (fa/ns/usa)