Strategic Cooperation: UIN Jakarta and Yuanli Education Technology Open Undergraduate Study Opportunities for Chinese Junior College Graduates

Strategic Cooperation: UIN Jakarta and Yuanli Education Technology Open Undergraduate Study Opportunities for Chinese Junior College Graduates

China, UIN News Online - In a step forward towards improving the quality of education and international cooperation, Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Jakarta is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Yuanli Education Technology, a leading private education agency introduced by the Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, Yudil Chatim.

The signing of the Letter of Intent between UIN Jakarta and Yuanli Education Technology took place on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD. This collaboration is manifested in the form of a 3+1 program, where campuses in Indonesia will accept Diploma 3 graduates from China to continue their undergraduate studies at UIN Jakarta.

This 3+1 program, with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) mechanism, offers a combination of online learning for one semester and offline learning for one semester at UIN Jakarta. With a target of sending 2000 Junior College graduates (D3 equivalent) from China, this program involves 14 selected universities in Indonesia, including UIN Jakarta, with an investment value of 40 billion which can continue to grow if successful.

The eight study programs offered at the initial stage include Nursing, Pharmacy, Management, Accounting, Agribusiness, Chemistry, Informatics Systems, and Informatics Engineering. The learning process will be in English (international class), including thesis writing in English. The students will live in the UIN Jakarta student dormitory during their studies in Indonesia.

This program is expected to accelerate the internationalization of UIN Jakarta by bringing in a large number of students, opening up opportunities for exchange of lecturers, students, and staff, and increasing university income. During the official visit, the UIN Jakarta delegation was received by Yuanli's CEO, Ruilan Wang (Lisa), at the company's office, which has proven to be valid and has representative facilities.

The meeting between UIN Jakarta and Yuanli Education Technology agreed on a learning schedule that will begin in August 2023. In the next six months, intensive preparations including advertising and the registration process for prospective students will be carried out.

In addition, Yuanli is also interested in seeing UIN Jakarta's dormitory and campus facilities to ensure that the quality is in line with Chinese standards. They offer assistance in completing facilities that may still be lacking, such as the provision of hot water.

Yuanli also initiated the opening of a dual degree master's program, which involves cooperation between UIN Jakarta and an excellent campus in China, with them as industry representatives. In supporting this collaboration, Yuanli Education Technology emphasized its readiness to make changes to the points of cooperation that are considered burdensome by UIN Jakarta, with the discussion process carried out by the legal team of each party.

This cooperation is expected to be a new milestone in strengthening bilateral relations in the field of education between UIN Jakarta and leading educational institutions in China.