Religious Moderation Should Be Implemented in the Workplace

Religious Moderation Should Be Implemented in the Workplace

Diorama Room, UIN News Online – Religious moderation must be applied in the workplace and everyday life. At UIN Jakarta, the mainstreaming of religious moderation was initiated in 2019 using a residency approach.

This was said by Lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UIN Jakarta, Idris Hemay at the Seminar on Religious Moderation titled “Pengarusutamaan Moderasi Beragama Melalui Pendekatan Legal Humanis di UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta” held at Diorama Room, campus I of UIN Jakarta on Wednesday (11/23/2022).

Idris said that every religious community must be more careful with virtual spaces in the context of studying religion. We have to know who the speaker is and what is the speaker's background in studying religion.

“Many extreme narratives are created by irresponsible people in virtual spaces to influence readers. Therefore, we must be more aware of what we are going to read,” said Idris.

Religious moderation, according to Idris, is nothing but to build tolerance in diversity, harmony in life, and peace in solving problems.

Meanwhile, the definition of religious moderation, he explained, is the perspective of addressing and religious attitudes in life by voicing the essence of religion which is based on the principles of fairness, balance and to obey the constitution as a national agreement.

Idris also emphasized that the important point in religious moderation is not to use violence in the name of religion.

There are four indicators of religious moderation, namely national commitment, tolerance, non-violence, and acceptance of religious traditions.

On the same occasion, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Arief Subhan said that moderation is part of a mental revolution, changing ways of thinking and behaving.

“Religious moderation is not only an internal or inter-religious matter but also equality in viewing people of various religions in Indonesia,” said Arief. (ns/rk/sm/usa)