Rectors Explain the Potential Development of UIN Jakarta in the Fields of Law, Communication, and Sociology

Rectors Explain the Potential Development of UIN Jakarta in the Fields of Law, Communication, and Sociology

Harun Nasution Auditorium, UIN Online News - "UIN Jakarta has the potential to compete on a global scale, particularly in the fields of law, communication, and sociology," explained the Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof. Asep Saepudin Jahar, M.A., Ph.D., during the Open Senate Session for the Inauguration of Professors. The event, held at the Harun Nasution Auditorium on Wednesday (15/5/2024), saw UIN Jakarta confirming six professors from various fields of knowledge.

In his address, the Rector of UIN Jakarta expressed appreciation and congratulations for the academic achievements of the six professors. He emphasized that the appointment of professors represents a significant milestone in academia.

For him, the increase in the number of professors is a blessing and also a testament to the greatness potential at UIN Jakarta. Professors bear the responsibility to serve and advance their respective fields of knowledge.

"This is indeed a prime opportunity because there is no achievement greater than that of becoming a professor," he stated.

According to the rector, any achievement beyond the professorship signifies a dedication to enhancing individual or institutional academic reputation.

Prof. Asep explained that UIN Jakarta has achieved a ranking of 101 among world universities in the subjects of religion, philosophy, and theology. Under his leadership, he will continue to enhance the university's reputation, particularly by increasing research productivity and international publications.

In the effort to internationalize the campus, the Rector of UIN Jakarta explained that the future of Islamic higher education lies within the minds of the professors.

Prof. Asep, as the rector of UIN Jakarta, advised the professors to continue their contributions both in service and scholarly work. Professors represent an important identity, symbolized by the title of professor. However, the responsibility lies in how the teaching, research, and service are carried out by professors.

"The responsibility of professors is to teach, conduct research, and serve. If that is forgotten, then we are not recognizing the title of professor," he clarified.

Lastly, the rector appealed for prayers and support to ensure that UIN Jakarta remains a respected and prominent institution both nationally and internationally. "I hope and pray that UIN remains and always stays ahead," he concluded in his address at the professorial inauguration.

For readers interested in witnessing the Open Senate Session for the Inauguration of Professors, it is available for streaming on the YouTube channel of UIN Jakarta. 

(M. Naufal Waliyyuddin/Fauziah M/Noeni Indah S/Faadhila Idris)

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