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Parent Page

LSafe Parents on university websites generally contain information that is relevant and useful for parents or guardians of students who are or will be studying at the university. This page is designed to provide guidance and support to parents in supporting their child's education. The following is some general information you may find on the Parent Page of a university website:

  1. Academic Information: Guide to the academic programs offered, academic policies, curriculum, and guides to help parents understand the learning process and academic development at the university.
  2. Costs and Financial Aid: Information about tuition costs, financial policies, financial aid options, scholarships, and other financial aid available to students. This helps parents understand and plan financial aspects related to their child's education.
  3. Campus Facilities and Student Life: Information about campus facilities, student housing, food, health, sports, and extracurricular activities that students can access. This helps parents understand the environment in which their child will live and learn.
  4. Student Wellbeing and Support: Information about health services, mental wellbeing support, academic advising and other support services available to students. This gives parents confidence that their child will get the support they need on campus.
  5. Campus Activities and Events: Information about events, campus activities, seminars, conferences and parent meetings held at the university. This helps parents get involved in their child's college life and expand their network with other college parents.
  6. Contacts and Resources: Important contact information for campus administrative staff who can help answer questions or address parent concerns. This page may also include additional resources useful for parents in supporting their child's academic and personal development.

An informative and comprehensive Parent Page can help build positive engagement between universities, students and parents, and ensure that parents feel supported and involved in their child's educational journey.