IKALUIN Award 2022, Public Are Welcome to Vote for Outstanding Alumni

IKALUIN Award 2022, Public Are Welcome to Vote for Outstanding Alumni

Rectorate, UIN News Online – IKALUIN will hold the 2022 IKALUIN Award on December 23, 2022. In this regard, IKALUIN invites the public to vote for outstanding ADIA, IAIN, UIN Jakarta alumni who plays an important role in the public life.

This was said by the Chair of IKALUIN Award 2022 Organizing Committee Iwan Buana to UIN News Online on Tuesday (11/15/2022). “The candidates are alumni who are proposed by the public, not just proposed by alumni,” he said.

There are six categories of IKALUIN Award 2022 that can be submitted by the public. Among them, activists for gender equality and child protection, law and human rights activists, political and governance activists, education and religious thought activists, community empowerment activists, and arts and culture activists.

“Recommendations can be submitted via https://bit.ly/ikaluinawards2022/ until 30 November 2022,” said Iwan.

According to Iwan, the candidates recommended by the public will later be verified by an independent panel team.

Iwan also added, IKALUIN itself has provided assessment criteria that can be used as guidelines by the public. Among them, candidate recipients are alumni of ADIA, IAIN, and UIN at various levels of education as evidenced by diplomas; carry out service activities for at least 15 years; the candidate's profession-service area can be at the grassroots, regional, provincial, national or international scale.

Then, candidates can be individuals, groups, or institutions; the candidate is proven to have shared and built ideas or activities that have a big impact, unique, and innovative for the society; candidates are proven to have activities that promote integrity, accountability, tolerance, and respect for diversity.

In addition, candidates can be nominated by anyone, whether individuals, organizations, groups or institutions; IAIN-UIN-ADIA alumni can also nominate themselves as awardee candidates. Lastly, proposers may only propose one candidate in each category, but are permitted to nominate candidates across all categories.

“Hopefully this activity can motivate ADIA, IAIN, and UIN Jakarta alumni to provide continuous contributions to society,” he concluded. (zm/usa)