Community Service in Saudi Arabia, Atdikbud Appreciates Lecturers of UIN Jakarta

Community Service in Saudi Arabia, Atdikbud Appreciates Lecturers of UIN Jakarta

Riyadh, UIN News Online – The Education and Culture Attache (Atdikbud) of the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Saudi Arabia, Badrus Sholeh, appreciated the community service activities carried out by six lecturers of UIN Jakarta. The service program throughout October-November 2022 is carried out as part of KKN activities carried out by students and community service carried out by lecturers.

Badrus Sholeh said on Monday (07/11/2022), the International KKN and community service program by six lecturers was the first program at UIN Jakarta after the Covid-19 pandemic. “This activity is very beneficial for the Indonesian people in Saudi Arabia, especially for the Mecca Indonesian School, the Riyadh Indonesian School, and the Jeddah Indonesian School,” he said.

Head of Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) UIN Jakarta Jajang Jahroni said that community service is a part of the tridharma of higher education that must be carried out by the academic community of UIN Jakarta.

“We encourage students and lecturers to carry out community service activities at the local, national, and even international levels,” said Jajang.

Meanwhile, the Head of Center for Community Service (LPM) UIN Jakarta Kamarusdiana said that this year's International Community Service Program was held in five countries, namely Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. “Especially for Saudi Arabia, not only KKN but also community service programs carried out by lecturers,”  he said.

For information, UIN Jakarta sent a group of students to conduct International Community Service Program in Saudi Arabia with a focus on service at the Indonesian School in Riyadh and the Indonesian School in Mecca. At the same time, UIN Jakarta also sent six of its lecturers to do community service to the Indonesian people living in  Saudi Arabia.

Students participating in the International Community Service Program in Saudi Arabia consist of Said Dary Rizfa, Nur Muh Al-Arroby (Ushuluddin Faculty), and Deni Maulana (Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah). The six lecturers who carrying out community service program are Eva Khudzaeva (Coordinator of PPM UIN Jakarta and Lecturer of the Faculty of Science and Technology), Ade Rina Farida, Nasichah, Nuriyah, Musfirah Nurlaily, and Deden Mauli Darajat (Lecturer at Faculty of Da'wah and Communication Science). (dmd/zm/usa)