Child Sexual Abuse Can Result in Physical and Psychological Suffering

Child Sexual Abuse Can Result in Physical and Psychological Suffering

Diorama Room, UIN News Online –Sexual abuse is the infliction of sexual contact upon a person by forcible compulsion. This will result in physical and psychological suffering to the victim.

This was said by a psychologist at Hermina Hospital, Ciputat, Yusnita Katagori, in her presentation at a seminar entitled  “Mengatasi Pengalaman Traumatik Kekerasan dan Pelecehan Seksual pada Anak Ditinjau dari Aspek Psikis dan Hukum” organized by the Center for the Study of Gender and Child (PSGA) UIN Jakarta held at Diorama room, campus I of UIN Jakarta on Wednesday (11/09/2022).

According to Yusnita, acts of sexual abuse do not only occur in adult women but also occur in children and people with special needs. The perpetrators often comes from their closest relatives.

“Many victims are reluctant to report this to the authorities because they consider it as a family disgrace,” she said.

The sad thing is, according to her, the perpetrators usually cannot be caught and detained easily. Inaddition, the legal process can also be long and convoluted.

In fact, she said, sexual harassment also has several effects. These include murder, suicide, physical injury, depression, phobias and panic disorders, unwanted pregnancies, and even trauma.

To overcome trauma in adults, said Yusnita, victims must be aware of what happened, not read related news, and do not need to ask the victim repeatedly about the incident. In addition, victims can also seek support from a trusted person.

Meanwhile, to deal with trauma to children, one of them needs to recover physically first. Then don't make it as if the victim is someone who must be monitored continuously.

“We also shouldn't blame the child, but help the child relax with breathing exercises, counseling, and play therapy. Play is a fun way for children to overcome psychological and emotional conditions that cause problems in their behavior,” she said.