APSEII to Hold Annual Plenary Meeting

APSEII to Hold Annual Plenary Meeting

FEB Building, UIN News Online—The Association of Islamic Economy Department in Indonesia (Asosiasi Program Studi Ekonomi Islam Indonesia/APSEII) will hold a plenary meeting to followup the article of Association and the bylaws (Anggaran Dasar dan Anggaran Rumah Tangga/AD-ART), Wednesday-Thursday (28-29/10). Among participants of the event are academicians that represent higher education institutions that have Islamic Economy department.

This is the same as the publication data provided by the plenary meeting’s committee for UIN News Online, Tuesday (27/10). Acting as the host to the event is Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) UIN Jakarta. “Holding of the Plenary Meeting of APSEII is aimed on realizing the Association’s AD-ART, which states that there should be once-in-a-year meeting of its members,” said the data.

The publication data noted that the Meeting this time will discuss about several priorities of the Association. The priorities to be discussed are the appointment of APSEII’s Central Committee and Secretariat, the Association’s logo, and the formulation of the working plans of the Association’s Commissions both in long-term and in short-term.Vice Rector for General Administration Affairs UIN Jakarta, Prof Dr Abdul Hamid MS was appointed the Head of the Association.  

The meeting this time will present 2 main speakers, they are Drs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin and Prof H Muhammad Nasir Ak. Ph.D. who are the Minister for Religious Affairs and Minister for Research, Technology, and Higher Education, respectively. The event will be opened by the Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA.

Reported by Alfried Lazuardi (Edited By ZM)

Translated by Muhammad Ichsan Fadillah