Inaugurating the 130th Graduates, Rector Asep Jahar Delivered This Message

Inaugurating the 130th Graduates, Rector Asep Jahar Delivered This Message

Main Auditorium, UIN News Online- Rector of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Prof. Asep Saepudin Jahar M.A. Ph.D., asked the new graduates of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta to be able to respond to any changes. According to him, optimism, hard work, prayer, and willingness to continue to develop themselves become the capital of the graduates' success after graduating from college.

This was conveyed by Rector Asep Jahar in his speech at the Open Senate Session of the 130th Graduation of UIN Jakarta Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Programs at the Harun Nasution Auditorium Building, Sunday (26/11/2023). In his speech, the Rector congratulated the graduates for their success in completing their respective learning tasks.

According to her, the graduates deserve to be happy on graduation day. Because they completed their studies with full struggle, patience, and determination in facing the challenges of study.

However, Rector Asep Jahar reminded the graduates to make graduation the first step in pursuing life after college. One of them, he said, is the importance of graduates to maintain the ability to respond to the twists and turns in life.

"Being proud of your GPA (cumulative grade point average, ed.) is good. But what you have to keep in mind in the development and journey of life is to maintain the ability to respond to change itself," he remembered.

The post-college world, he said, is a world full of challenges and tests patience. Many factors determine their own success in being able to win competitions in the world of work or even integrate into the social environment.

But of the many factors, he said, optimism, willingness to work hard, pray, and willingness to continue to develop themselves are the keys to success. One of the things that needs to be developed in each person, he continued, is the ability to speak international languages such as Arabic and English.

According to him, international language skills are also an important part of graduates to achieve higher careers and knowledge. "Language will lead you to reach the key, reach knowledge. Your life will stutter without language skills. Because you will interact with the outside world," he continued.

At the end of his remarks, Rector Asep Jahar also apologized to the leadership and staff of UIN Jakarta for the lack of services received by graduates while still studying at UIN Jakarta. "As a leader, I apologize if the service has been disrupted. Internet network, toilet, or parking lot. I must admit," he said.

However, he continued, the leadership and all staff of UIN Jakarta will continue to work hard in improving services. "Now, I work hard to develop that. All now, we will make improvements," he said.

According to him, UIN Jakarta will continue to work hard in developing various sectors so that it can provide more optimal academic services. Some of the priority programs are digitalization, bureaucratic reform, implementation of green and smart campus, and capitalization with the orientation of using university income for academic community services by applying the principles of efficiency and productivity. (Farah NH/Hermanuddin/Ali NM/ZM)