3+1 Program and Cooperation with China's Top Universities

3+1 Program and Cooperation with China's Top Universities

Jakarta, UIN News Online - China, UIN News Online - In an effort to expand international partnerships, Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Jakarta sent a group led by Prof. Maila Dinia Husni Rahiem, M.A., PhD, Head of the International Cooperation Service Center, on a business trip that took place from November 28 to December 2, 2023. The delegation consisted of university leaders, namely Prof. Dr. Ibnu Qizam (Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business), Prof. Dr. Zilhadia (Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences), and Ratna Faeruz (International Student Coordinator, International Cooperation Service Center).

Cooperation with Yuanli Education Technology: 3+1 Program

During this visit, UIN Jakarta established cooperation with Yuanli Education Technology, a private education agency introduced by the Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing. This cooperation was marked by the signing of the Letter of Intent on October 21, 2023 at ICE BSD. The cooperated program is a 3+1 program, where campuses in Indonesia will accept Diploma 3 graduates from China to continue undergraduate studies in Indonesia through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

The Chinese government plans to send 2000 Junior College graduates (D3 equivalent) to continue their undergraduate studies in 14 selected universities in Indonesia, including UIN Jakarta. The study programs offered involve various fields such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Management, and others. This activity is expected to accelerate the internationalization of UIN Jakarta and open opportunities for further cooperation.

Cooperation with Beijing Normal University and Tsinghua University

In addition, UIN Jakarta also established cooperation with Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Tsinghua University. With BNU, UIN Jakarta discussed cooperation in the field of journalism and communication. The plan is to exchange students, lecturers, and research collaboration between the two universities.

Meanwhile, at Tsinghua University, UIN Jakarta focuses on the School of Economics and Management and the School of Pharmaceutical Science. Cooperation in the field of economics will involve the exchange of lecturers, students, and joint research. In pharmacy, UIN Jakarta will explore student exchange programs and joint research opportunities with leading faculties at Tsinghua University.

Steps towards concrete cooperation

The meeting with Yuanli Education Technology confirmed that the learning program will start in August 2023. Over the next 6 months, intensive preparations will be made, including advertising and the process of enrolling prospective students. This cooperation is expected to improve the quality of education at UIN Jakarta and bring a positive impact in terms of foreign student enrollment.

UIN Jakarta and Tsinghua University agreed to immediately start cooperation with the School of Economics and Management. Initial programs planned involve student exchanges and joint research. Processing of the MoU will be done soon, and further talks will be conducted online.

During its visit to the School of Pharmaceutical Science at Tsinghua University, UIN Jakarta explored opportunities for cooperation in the pharmaceutical field. Student exchange programs and joint research will be the focus of initial cooperation.

With this initiative, UIN Jakarta hopes to strengthen synergies between nations in education and research and open up new opportunities for students and lecturers for valuable international experiences. (Indra Munawar)