130th Undergraduate Graduation, Secretary of the Senate: Islam Becomes the Basic Value of UIN Jakarta Graduates in Their Work

130th Undergraduate Graduation, Secretary of the Senate: Islam Becomes the Basic Value of UIN Jakarta Graduates in Their Work

Harun Nasution Auditorium, UIN News Online - "I congratulate you on your inauguration as Bachelor, Master and Doctor of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta, hopefully your insight, mastery of the field of science, skills and expertise gained during your studies, will be of great benefit to you, your family, society and state, in order to achieve the vision of an advanced, independent and prosperous Indonesian nation, in 2025" said Secretary of the Senate Prof. Dr. Masri Mansoer during his speech in the implementation of the 130th Bachelor Graduation open senate session on the first day, Saturday (25/11/2023).

In addition to congratulations in his speech, the Secretary of the Senate also said that the progress of a country, one of which is measured by economic growth and progress, the creativity of the nation's children in finding prototypes and new products and manufacturing that are fabricated and sold to the global market, so that the country will earn a lot of foreign exchange for the creativity of the nation's children.

"Therefore, the vision of an advanced Indonesia is accompanied by a new paradigm of the Indonesian economy, namely, a knowledge-based economy," Masri explained.

For this purpose, the Secretary of the Senate said that Higher Education is expected to be able to support the industrial world, with new technological findings, prototypes of new manufacturing products needed by the world community, and can be produced by industry in Indonesia. "UIN Jakarta is able to contribute to the progress of the nation's industry, towards an advanced nation in 2025," he explained.

He also said that in their work as young professionals both with their expertise or skills, UIN Jakarta scholars will remain steady in their Islamic image, which underlies work, innovation by always being controlled by the power of Imann. so that Islam will always be the basic value that colors the frame of thinking and behaving in all their works.

He also added that UIN Jakarta also received a mandate to maintain IAIN's core business in the religious field, therefore, the second mandate, is the integration of science and religion, so as not to become secular academics or even atheistic thinking and behavior in the development of science and technology, "he added.

This 130th Bachelor Graduation carries the theme "Creating a Civilized Intellectual Generation".  "This theme is a very smart and interesting theme, it confirms to all Indonesian people, that the academic community of UIN Jakarta, especially lecturers are Muslim academics, who are very committed to educating all the nation's children to become Muslim intellectuals with character and civilization," explained Masri.

He added that this is the goal of an educational process that integrates religion with science and civilization.

Furthermore, in the speech, he also explained that the integration of science developed at UIN Jakarta further confirms that UIN Jakarta is now not struggling and not enjoying secular positivism, which developed as an implication of the modernization of Islamic civilization based on the theory of liberal positivism, with the paradigm of "nothing beyond evidence".

"Such secularistic way of thinking, if it exists or still exists, is now being eroded in the development of civilized Islamic intellectualism that is being done at UIN Jakarta, through Islamic and scientific integration programs, both in education and teaching, research and development of scientific discourse at UIN Jakarta," he added.

At the end of his speech, the Secretary of the Senate said that UIN Jakarta is now knitting an academic culture, which is principled, maintaining the spirit of IAIN with its mission, developing the mission of universality contained in the transformation into UIN.

"The education and learning process will produce intellectual scholars who are civilized, with a strong commitment to base the Qur'an and al-Sunnah on all ways of thinking and acting, all alumni and academic community" he concluded. (Farah NHA)